Travel Reimbursement

Reimbursement of Conference Travel Expenses

Costs to attend and participate in CUWIP at UCSD (housing and meals) will be covered by the conference.  Students with travel costs not covered by their home department or university can apply for reimbursement. Please read the following information carefully to understand what costs are allowable and how to request reimbursement.

Meal Costs

All meals during the conference will be covered. Breakfasts and lunches on Saturday and Sunday may be purchased in Cafe Ventana using the meal cards provided on the first day. Please return your meal card before leaving on Sunday. A light dinner will be provided during our Friday night opening event at the Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe and our Saturday night banquet at the UCSD Faculty Club. There will also be snack and coffee breaks during the conference.  Any additional meal expenses incurred during travel to and from the conference will be the responsibility of you or your department.

Housing Costs

Housing will be provided at the Sheraton La Jolla Hotel for Friday and Saturday nights for all attendees not from UCSD.  Lodging beyond these nights will be you or your department’s responsibility.  Any charges for hotel incidentals (e.g., renting movies, phone calls, room service, office center, laundry service, etc.) will be your responsibility to pay.  Parking fees at the hotel may be included in your travel reimbursement.

Travel Costs

Travel reimbursements are limited, and we ask that you request funds from your department chair, director of undergraduate studies or campus diversity officer to cover some or all of your travel costs, if possible. Any travel costs that are not covered by other sources will be reimbursed as needed. However, you must follow the following guidelines to receive full reimbursement:

  • All students requesting reimbursement must submit a reimbursement application form. This form is required to put your information into our budgeting system. This form should be completed and sent to Erin Gerlach (egerlach @ no later than Friday, January 8th, 2016.
  • All students requesting reimbursement must submit their final reimbursement forms (provided at the conference) and receiptsto Erin Gerlach (egerlach @ no later than February 12th, 2016. Someone will be available at the conference to assist in completing the form.
  • KEEP ALL RECEIPTS. Itemized and original receipts are required for every expense and must be submitted with your travel reimbursement form. Receipts must show that the expense has been paid in full.
  • Public/local transportation reimbursement. Turn in receipts for any local transportation you use to get to or from the conference.
  • Driving reimbursements: If you are driving (and hopefully carpooling!) to UCSD, you may be reimbursed for $0.54 per mile. All mileage reimbursement must include a map (e.g., Google Maps or Mapquest) from your home to UCSD showing total mileage. Mileage is permitted for personal occupancy vehicles only. Receipts are required for all tolls and parking charges, if applicable.
  • Reimbursement for rental cars must be requested in advance and will only be permitted if the cost is less than other alternatives. Only gas costs are reimbursed for rental cars.
  • Parking on campus is free on Saturday and Sunday, but you must park in designated spaces (parking tickets will not be reimbursed). Parking is $15/day at the Sheraton and may be reimbursed with receipts.
  • Air travel reimbursement.  Remember that all air travel covered by the conference must be approved in advance by the Local Organizing Committee or it will not be reimbursed. All flights must be purchased no later than one month before the conference (i.e., December 15th). 
  • Only coach/economy class will be reimbursed.  You must turn in an itemized airfare receipt with your travel expense form. Upgrades, early boarding, flight insurance or booking agent costs will not be reimbursed.   Flights purchased by frequent flyer mileage cannot be reimbursed.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to estimate the costs of travel by various methods, taking into account the efficiencies of carpooling, and to choose the least expensive option.  Contact the LOC if the you are unsure, and keep/provide paperwork showing how the transportation decision was made. Excessive travel costs may not receive full reimbursement.

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